About Us

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Dispenser of Grace.

In the year 1988, we, the artisans who made up the staff of Al Yarrar S.C.A., decided to move our workshop of ceramics located in the famous old quarter of Albayzin in Granada to an industrial complex next to the railway station of Atarfe, a ten minutes drive south of the city. We changed neighbours, left the site downtown by the old Arab Baths, with views to the Alhambra and the Generalife, and set up our headquarters near a huge fertilizer factory established at the end of the 19th century, to join the most industrialized area of the province of Granada.

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Facts & Figures

Total Property Area: 3,800m2

House Area: 250m2

Garden Area: 750m2

Garage Area: 30m2

Tool Shed Area: 30m2

The rest of the land (2,500m2) is for agricultural use, already planted with many fruit trees, medlars, fig trees, persimmons, quinces, pomegranate trees, pear trees, etc.

There is also a large space available for a grove. Water is provided by the Acequia Gorda del Genil, the main irrigation ditch in the area, along with several individual wells.

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We thank you for your donation towards this vital project. The Association is officially registered with the Spanish government (Registration Number RG/4684732 97541) and we ask that you kindly contact us in order to become one of our valued patrons:

Phase 1 Funding Needs ESTIMATE:

Property purchase price: €324,000

Registration and taxes: €32,000

Interior renovation and Mihrab: €18,000

Services room: €20,000

Minaret: €18,000

Preparation of sports area: €3,000

Preparation of workshops area: €15,000


TOTAL: €430,000

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